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Product list of 'فينيل حجري'

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ICONIK 260 - 27123048

The ICONIK 260 Vinyl Rolls Collection is our most comprehensive range of custom flooring solutions, making it easy to find the right design to suit your home.
32٫78 ر.س.‏ incl tax

ICONIK 280T - 5589073

The ICONIK 280T home Vinyl rolls collection is the ideal solution for an easy renovation. Its special textile backing ensures that little defects from uneven subfloors don’t show through, while also providing extra thermal and acoustic comfort to help create a cozy home
42٫55 ر.س.‏ incl tax

ICONIK 450 - 5203067

The ICONIK 450 Vinyl Rolls collection, available in a variety of elegant wood and sandstone designs, is one of our thickest, coziest home flooring options, meeting the high demands on kitchen floorings: like any other of our Vinyl Rolls, it's 100% moisture-resistant, highly stain-resistant, and incredibly simple to clean and maintain. With a best-in-class sound reduction of 20dB and a thickness of 4.0mm, it contributes to creating a comfortable home atmosphere.
66٫12 ر.س.‏ incl tax