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Gardens & Landscaping

Uses of Artificial Grass:

We have a wide variety of high quality Artificial Grass manufactured specifically with state of the art technology. It is used in gardens, playgrounds, terrace, around swimming pools and school yard. As newly used in trade fairs and others. This kind of flooring gives the house a green, luxurious and sophisticated feel, which makes you enjoy the beauty of nature. Nowadays gardeners and balconies have adopted artificial turf as an ornamental element to decorate playgrounds and entrances to houses. This type of flooring can be installed even in hard-to-reach or low-light areas.

Differences between Artificial and Natural grass:

It is time to get rid of traditional methods in modern and innovative ways to get green and evergreen areas by Artificial grass, as there are many specifications that distinguish artificial turf from natural grass:

  • Cost: You can create green areas of artificial grass at a lower cost compared to natural grass, which needs a lot of expenses to maintain.
  • Color: The Artificial grass is characterized by stable color and shape. This type is maintained for a long period of time due to the strength of all-weather factors, its changes and suitability to the extreme climatic conditions, both high and low temperature and humidity, extreme winds and harsh use unlike natural ones which are affected by changes in weather and weather conditions.
  • Possibility to install: Artificial grass can be placed on all surfaces and floors, unlike the natural grass that needs to be cultivated a certain soil.
  • The level of care: Natural grass requires several hours of work a week, to maintain the aesthetic appearance. Shearing, trimming, fertilizing, and re-planting can take some time with the family or other projects. Artificial grass on the other hand may not require maintenance at all, just rinse the garden sometimes to remove dust and pet odors, and regularly cleaning the fiber is the only maintenance you may have.
  • Transportability: Artificial grass can be removed and transported from place to place.
  • Water saving: No need for irrigation.
  • High resistance to chemicals: chlorine, pesticides and sea water.
  • Easy to clean: No big effort is needed to clean it.
  • Do not reproduce harmful insects: It is against the growth and reproduction of pests and insects.
  • Environment friendly: Do not put on any fertilizers or pesticides.

It is also used to decorate and beautify your own terraces, gardens, surrounding swimming pool, spaces and your balconies.

Now you can think about the actual change and decorate your garden with artificial grass. Because of the many specifications of artificial grass, it is now easy to enjoy an evergreen environment in all weather conditions.