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Mosque Carpet Solutions

We have a distinctive collection of the finest types of Mosques Carpet suitable for mosques of different sizes, has been manufactured this type of Carpet with best innovative technology, making them high quality to suit the Islamic character and this is what distinguishes it from others. The Mosque Carpets have many types:

  • Heatset Mihrap: We offer to our customers a variety of colorful and distinctive designs inspired by the Andalusian civilization and its colors (red, green, dark brown and Burgundy). It also provides a comfortable environment for the performance of prayer. As it is anti-bacterial, as we use chemicals that in turn prevent the growth and proliferation of bacteria, and thus provide clean, healthy Mosque Carpet.
  • Heatset Plain: Please visit our wide range of high quality carpet, which is made of specially Heatset fiber, which are designed in an innovative manner. This type of carpet is also available in two distinctive colors, red and green. It is also easy to clean and moisture resistant.
  • Heatset Tree Leaves: Because we care about the comfort of our customers we have provided Heatset Tree Leaves in different colors which are bring the joy and sophistication of any mosque, in addition to its modern designs that fit the Islamic taste, Where it was manufactured with international threads.
  • PCF Mihrap: For the importance of Islamic civilization and its status to us, we provided a distinctive collection of mosque carpets. It is characterized by high quality and consistency of color for the long time, it is also easy to clean.
  • Acrylic Tree Leaves: AlSourayia for Flooring and Furniture has a distinctive collection of the best types of Mosque Carpets in different colors and designs suitable for installation in mosques. It has the finest international fiber and the latest designs to suit the Islamic taste, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for prayer.
  • Islamic Engravings: Nowadays, you can choose from a wide range of styles designed with the finest yarns. We have provided to you our dear customer the finest types of carpet for mosques with Islamic engravings that fit the Islamic character. This type of carpet also provides a quiet and comfortable place.

We also offer a special manufacturing service of the mousqe carpet, where the customer can provide pictures and drawings and we design our own carpet and with the best quality.