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Sports Solutions

There are many types of sports in the world, they are almost innumerable, each of us his favorite sport, whether practiced or follow, where the different sports from each other in terms of how to play and where to play in addition to it varies the types of playground floors from Quality, accuracy and conformity to international standards, so we have provided different types of stadium floors, and provide levels of comfort and safety for all types of sports and recreational activities. We will briefly discuss the differences between each of these floors:

Football sport, has a dedicated floor like natural grass floors, but after the industrial revolution in technology, FIFA began to create alternative solutions and began to develop all the products that would achieve the highest quality in sports projects. In the last few years, we have been manufacturing artificial grouper products, so we have provided you with a variety of high quality artificial grass flooring specially manufactured using state of the art technology.

The second type of sports is tennis and volleyball, which need a specific type of sports stadiums, which are tartan or rubber fields, as they differ from natural grass or artificial grass fields. The importance of these floors and the many uses are due to their quality and materials. It contains inside the composition of the rubber parts give flexibility to the surfaces of floors Tartan, which is appropriate to the physical factors and sports friction and also give the ability to be comfortable in the use of surfaces, these floors are given a beautiful appearance because of their ability to withstand the external factors and strength and convergence of tissues and also multiple forms and colors, and to meet the international standards of international associations in the safety of athletes are used these floors in the precincts and tennis courts and basketball and ball and in the stadiums multi-purpose because of the capacity of Shock absorbers, slip resistance and reduced risk of injury.

The third type is golf. This sport does not need large spaces. It requires artificial grass flooring. Most owners of villas, palaces and gardens have begun to prepare large areas for their homes in golf courses, which are very distinctive. If you would like to equip any of your spaces, AlSourayia provides flooring of this type with high quality and distinctive designs.

Many of the sports we play also require artificial grass flooring or rubber flooring such as horseback riding, athletics, defense games, and shooting games of all kinds. Now you can take advantage of the space available to you and create your own sports field that you like and the floor that suits you from AlSourayia for flooring. Playground floors are characterized by the following:

  • It has perfect bearing pressure flooring, as it is not affected by easily falling shocks or weights.
  • It makes you feel comfortable and safe while exercising and long lasting.
  • Its brushes are easy, making the installation process easy and quick, and many shapes are available in attractive colors.
  • Anti-slip flooring, shock absorbers
  • Guaranteed for a long time, do not need much care or maintenance; they are resistant to environmental factors
  • Healthy
  • Thermal insulation